RM Open File - Sales


Physical Name Friendly Name Physical Type
CUSTNMBR Customer Number char(15)
CPRCSTNM Corporate Customer Number char(15)
DOCNUMBR Document Number char(21)
CHEKNMBR Check Number char(21)
BACHNUMB Batch Number char(15)
BCHSOURC Batch Source char(15)
TRXSORCE TRX Source char(13)
RMDTYPAL RM Document Type-All smallint
CSHRCTYP Cash Receipt Type smallint
CBKIDCRD Checkbook ID Credit Card char(15)
CBKIDCSH Checkbook ID Cash char(15)
CBKIDCHK Checkbook ID Check char(15)
DUEDATE Due Date datetime
DOCDATE Document Date datetime
POSTDATE Post Date datetime
PSTUSRID Post User ID char(15)
GLPOSTDT GL Posting Date datetime
LSTEDTDT Last Edit Date datetime
LSTUSRED Last User to Edit char(15)
ORTRXAMT Original Trx Amount decimal(19,5)
CURTRXAM Current Trx Amount decimal(19,5)
SLSAMNT Sales Amount decimal(19,5)
COSTAMNT Cost Amount decimal(19,5)
FRTAMNT Freight Amount decimal(19,5)
MISCAMNT Misc Amount decimal(19,5)
TAXAMNT Tax Amount decimal(19,5)
COMDLRAM Commission Dollar Amount decimal(19,5)
CASHAMNT Cash Amount decimal(19,5)
DISTKNAM Discount Taken Amount decimal(19,5)
DISAVAMT Discount Available Amount decimal(19,5)
DISAVTKN Discount Available Taken decimal(19,5)
DISCRTND Discount Returned decimal(19,5)
DISCDATE Discount Date datetime
DSCDLRAM Discount Dollar Amount decimal(19,5)
DSCPCTAM Discount Percent Amount smallint
WROFAMNT Write Off Amount decimal(19,5)
TRXDSCRN Transaction Description char(31)
CSPORNBR Customer Purchase Order Number char(21)
SLPRSNID Salesperson ID char(15)
SLSTERCD Sales Territory Code char(15)
DINVPDOF Date Invoice Paid Off datetime
PPSAMDED PPS Amount Deducted decimal(19,5)
GSTDSAMT GST Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
DELETE1 Delete tinyint
AGNGBUKT Aging Bucket smallint
VOIDSTTS Void Status smallint
VOIDDATE Void Date datetime
TAXSCHID Tax Schedule ID char(15)
CURNCYID Currency ID char(15)
PYMTRMID Payment Terms ID char(21)
SHIPMTHD Shipping Method char(15)
TRDISAMT Trade Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
SLSCHDID Sales Schedule ID char(15)
FRTSCHID Freight Schedule ID char(15)
MSCSCHID Misc Schedule ID char(15)
NOTEINDX Note Index decimal(19,5)
Tax_Date Tax Date datetime
APLYWITH Apply Withholding tinyint
SALEDATE Sale Date datetime
CORRCTN Correction tinyint
SIMPLIFD Simplified tinyint
Electronic Electronic tinyint
ECTRX EC Transaction tinyint
BKTSLSAM Backout Sales Amount decimal(19,5)
BKTFRTAM Backout Freight Amount decimal(19,5)
BKTMSCAM Backout Misc Amount decimal(19,5)
BackoutTradeDisc Backout Trade Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
Factoring Factoring tinyint
DIRECTDEBIT Direct Debit tinyint
ADRSCODE Address Code char(15)
EFTFLAG EFT Flag tinyint
/* Generated @ https://www.gptablereference.com/2010/Table/RM20101 on 12/5/2016 */
ADRSCODE as [Address Code],
AGNGBUKT as [Aging Bucket],
APLYWITH as [Apply Withholding],
BACHNUMB as [Batch Number],
BackoutTradeDisc as [Backout Trade Discount Amount],
BCHSOURC as [Batch Source],
BKTFRTAM as [Backout Freight Amount],
BKTMSCAM as [Backout Misc Amount],
BKTSLSAM as [Backout Sales Amount],
CASHAMNT as [Cash Amount],
CBKIDCHK as [Checkbook ID Check],
CBKIDCRD as [Checkbook ID Credit Card],
CBKIDCSH as [Checkbook ID Cash],
CHEKNMBR as [Check Number],
COMDLRAM as [Commission Dollar Amount],
CORRCTN as [Correction],
COSTAMNT as [Cost Amount],
CPRCSTNM as [Corporate Customer Number],
CSHRCTYP as [Cash Receipt Type],
CSPORNBR as [Customer Purchase Order Number],
CURNCYID as [Currency ID],
CURTRXAM as [Current Trx Amount],
CUSTNMBR as [Customer Number],
DELETE1 as [Delete],
DINVPDOF as [Date Invoice Paid Off],
DIRECTDEBIT as [Direct Debit],
DISAVAMT as [Discount Available Amount],
DISAVTKN as [Discount Available Taken],
DISCDATE as [Discount Date],
DISCRTND as [Discount Returned],
DISTKNAM as [Discount Taken Amount],
DOCDATE as [Document Date],
DOCNUMBR as [Document Number],
DSCDLRAM as [Discount Dollar Amount],
DSCPCTAM as [Discount Percent Amount],
DUEDATE as [Due Date],
ECTRX as [EC Transaction],
EFTFLAG as [EFT Flag],
Electronic as [Electronic],
Factoring as [Factoring],
FRTAMNT as [Freight Amount],
FRTSCHID as [Freight Schedule ID],
GLPOSTDT as [GL Posting Date],
GSTDSAMT as [GST Discount Amount],
LSTEDTDT as [Last Edit Date],
LSTUSRED as [Last User to Edit],
MISCAMNT as [Misc Amount],
MSCSCHID as [Misc Schedule ID],
NOTEINDX as [Note Index],
ORTRXAMT as [Original Trx Amount],
POSTDATE as [Post Date],
PPSAMDED as [PPS Amount Deducted],
PSTUSRID as [Post User ID],
PYMTRMID as [Payment Terms ID],
RMDTYPAL as [RM Document Type-All],
SALEDATE as [Sale Date],
SHIPMTHD as [Shipping Method],
SIMPLIFD as [Simplified],
SLPRSNID as [Salesperson ID],
SLSAMNT as [Sales Amount],
SLSCHDID as [Sales Schedule ID],
SLSTERCD as [Sales Territory Code],
Tax_Date as [Tax Date],
TAXAMNT as [Tax Amount],
TAXSCHID as [Tax Schedule ID],
TRDISAMT as [Trade Discount Amount],
TRXDSCRN as [Transaction Description],
TRXSORCE as [TRX Source],
VOIDDATE as [Void Date],
VOIDSTTS as [Void Status],
WROFAMNT as [Write Off Amount]
FROM RM20101
Uses System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;

/// <summary>
/// RM Open File
/// Generated @ https://www.gptablereference.com/2010/Table/RM20101 on 12/5/2016
/// </summary>

public class RM20101{
public string AddressCode{get;set;}
public int AgingBucket{get;set;}
public bool ApplyWithholding{get;set;}
public string BatchNumber{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutTradeDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public string BatchSource{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutFreightAmount{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutMiscAmount{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutSalesAmount{get;set;}
public decimal CashAmount{get;set;}
public string CheckbookIDCheck{get;set;}
public string CheckbookIDCreditCard{get;set;}
public string CheckbookIDCash{get;set;}
public string CheckNumber{get;set;}
public decimal CommissionDollarAmount{get;set;}
public bool Correction{get;set;}
public decimal CostAmount{get;set;}
public string CorporateCustomerNumber{get;set;}
public int CashReceiptType{get;set;}
public string CustomerPurchaseOrderNumber{get;set;}
public string CurrencyID{get;set;}
public decimal CurrentTrxAmount{get;set;}
public string CustomerNumber{get;set;}
public bool Delete{get;set;}
public DateTime DateInvoicePaidOff{get;set;}
public bool DirectDebit{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountAvailableAmount{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountAvailableTaken{get;set;}
public DateTime DiscountDate{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountReturned{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountTakenAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DocumentDate{get;set;}
public string DocumentNumber{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountDollarAmount{get;set;}
public int DiscountPercentAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DueDate{get;set;}
public bool ECTransaction{get;set;}
public bool EFTFlag{get;set;}
public bool Electronic{get;set;}
public bool Factoring{get;set;}
public decimal FreightAmount{get;set;}
public string FreightScheduleID{get;set;}
public DateTime GLPostingDate{get;set;}
public decimal GSTDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime LastEditDate{get;set;}
public string LastUsertoEdit{get;set;}
public decimal MiscAmount{get;set;}
public string MiscScheduleID{get;set;}
public decimal NoteIndex{get;set;}
public decimal OriginalTrxAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime PostDate{get;set;}
public decimal PPSAmountDeducted{get;set;}
public string PostUserID{get;set;}
public string PaymentTermsID{get;set;}
public int RMDocumentType-All{get;set;}
public DateTime SaleDate{get;set;}
public string ShippingMethod{get;set;}
public bool Simplified{get;set;}
public string SalespersonID{get;set;}
public decimal SalesAmount{get;set;}
public string SalesScheduleID{get;set;}
public string SalesTerritoryCode{get;set;}
public DateTime TaxDate{get;set;}
public decimal TaxAmount{get;set;}
public string TaxScheduleID{get;set;}
public decimal TradeDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public string TransactionDescription{get;set;}
public string TRXSource{get;set;}
public DateTime VoidDate{get;set;}
public int VoidStatus{get;set;}
public decimal WriteOffAmount{get;set;}
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