PM Paid Transaction History File - Purchasing


Physical Name Friendly Name Physical Type
VCHRNMBR Voucher Number char(21)
VENDORID Vendor ID char(15)
DOCTYPE Document Type smallint
DOCDATE Document Date datetime
DOCNUMBR Document Number char(21)
DOCAMNT Document Amount decimal(19,5)
CURTRXAM Current Trx Amount decimal(19,5)
DISTKNAM Discount Taken Amount decimal(19,5)
DISCAMNT Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
DSCDLRAM Discount Dollar Amount decimal(19,5)
BACHNUMB Batch Number char(15)
TRXSORCE TRX Source char(13)
BCHSOURC Batch Source char(15)
DISCDATE Discount Date datetime
DUEDATE Due Date datetime
PORDNMBR Purchase Order Number char(21)
TEN99AMNT 1099 Amount decimal(19,5)
WROFAMNT Write Off Amount decimal(19,5)
DISAMTAV Discount Amount Available decimal(19,5)
TRXDSCRN Transaction Description char(31)
UN1099AM Unapplied 1099 Amount decimal(19,5)
BKTPURAM Backout Purchases Amount decimal(19,5)
BKTFRTAM Backout Freight Amount decimal(19,5)
BKTMSCAM Backout Misc Amount decimal(19,5)
VOIDED Voided tinyint
HOLD Hold tinyint
CHEKBKID Checkbook ID char(15)
DINVPDOF Date Invoice Paid Off datetime
PPSAMDED PPS Amount Deducted decimal(19,5)
PPSTAXRT PPS Tax Rate smallint
PGRAMSBJ Percent Of Gross Amount Subject smallint
GSTDSAMT GST Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
POSTEDDT Posted Date datetime
PTDUSRID Posted User ID char(15)
MODIFDT Modified Date datetime
MDFUSRID Modified User ID char(15)
PYENTTYP Payment Entry Type smallint
CARDNAME Card Name char(15)
PRCHAMNT Purchases Amount decimal(19,5)
TRDISAMT Trade Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
MSCCHAMT Misc Charges Amount decimal(19,5)
FRTAMNT Freight Amount decimal(19,5)
TAXAMNT Tax Amount decimal(19,5)
TTLPYMTS Total Payments decimal(19,5)
CURNCYID Currency ID char(15)
PYMTRMID Payment Terms ID char(21)
SHIPMTHD Shipping Method char(15)
TAXSCHID Tax Schedule ID char(15)
PCHSCHID Purchase Schedule ID char(15)
FRTSCHID Freight Schedule ID char(15)
MSCSCHID Misc Schedule ID char(15)
PSTGDATE Posting Date datetime
DISAVTKN Discount Available Taken decimal(19,5)
CNTRLTYP Control Type smallint
NOTEINDX Note Index decimal(19,5)
PRCTDISC Percent Discount smallint
RETNAGAM Retainage Amount decimal(19,5)
VOIDPDATE Void GL Posting Date datetime
ICTRX IC TRX tinyint
Tax_Date Tax Date datetime
PRCHDATE Purchase Date datetime
CORRCTN Correction tinyint
SIMPLIFD Simplified tinyint
APLYWITH Apply Withholding tinyint
Electronic Electronic tinyint
ECTRX EC Transaction tinyint
DocPrinted DocPrinted tinyint
TaxInvReqd Tax Invoice Required tinyint
VNDCHKNM Vendor Check Name char(65)
BackoutTradeDisc Backout Trade Discount Amount decimal(19,5)
CBVAT Cash Based VAT tinyint
VADCDTRO Vendor Address Code - Remit To char(15)
TEN99TYPE 1099 Type smallint
TEN99BOXNUMBER 1099 Box Number smallint
/* Generated @ on 12/5/2016 */
APLYWITH as [Apply Withholding],
BACHNUMB as [Batch Number],
BackoutTradeDisc as [Backout Trade Discount Amount],
BCHSOURC as [Batch Source],
BKTFRTAM as [Backout Freight Amount],
BKTMSCAM as [Backout Misc Amount],
BKTPURAM as [Backout Purchases Amount],
CARDNAME as [Card Name],
CBVAT as [Cash Based VAT],
CHEKBKID as [Checkbook ID],
CNTRLTYP as [Control Type],
CORRCTN as [Correction],
CURNCYID as [Currency ID],
CURTRXAM as [Current Trx Amount],
DINVPDOF as [Date Invoice Paid Off],
DISAMTAV as [Discount Amount Available],
DISAVTKN as [Discount Available Taken],
DISCAMNT as [Discount Amount],
DISCDATE as [Discount Date],
DISTKNAM as [Discount Taken Amount],
DOCAMNT as [Document Amount],
DOCDATE as [Document Date],
DOCNUMBR as [Document Number],
DocPrinted as [DocPrinted],
DOCTYPE as [Document Type],
DSCDLRAM as [Discount Dollar Amount],
DUEDATE as [Due Date],
ECTRX as [EC Transaction],
Electronic as [Electronic],
FRTAMNT as [Freight Amount],
FRTSCHID as [Freight Schedule ID],
GSTDSAMT as [GST Discount Amount],
HOLD as [Hold],
MDFUSRID as [Modified User ID],
MODIFDT as [Modified Date],
MSCCHAMT as [Misc Charges Amount],
MSCSCHID as [Misc Schedule ID],
NOTEINDX as [Note Index],
PCHSCHID as [Purchase Schedule ID],
PGRAMSBJ as [Percent Of Gross Amount Subject],
PORDNMBR as [Purchase Order Number],
POSTEDDT as [Posted Date],
PPSAMDED as [PPS Amount Deducted],
PPSTAXRT as [PPS Tax Rate],
PRCHAMNT as [Purchases Amount],
PRCHDATE as [Purchase Date],
PRCTDISC as [Percent Discount],
PSTGDATE as [Posting Date],
PTDUSRID as [Posted User ID],
PYENTTYP as [Payment Entry Type],
PYMTRMID as [Payment Terms ID],
RETNAGAM as [Retainage Amount],
SHIPMTHD as [Shipping Method],
SIMPLIFD as [Simplified],
Tax_Date as [Tax Date],
TAXAMNT as [Tax Amount],
TaxInvReqd as [Tax Invoice Required],
TAXSCHID as [Tax Schedule ID],
TEN99AMNT as [1099 Amount],
TEN99BOXNUMBER as [1099 Box Number],
TEN99TYPE as [1099 Type],
TRDISAMT as [Trade Discount Amount],
TRXDSCRN as [Transaction Description],
TRXSORCE as [TRX Source],
TTLPYMTS as [Total Payments],
UN1099AM as [Unapplied 1099 Amount],
VADCDTRO as [Vendor Address Code - Remit To],
VCHRNMBR as [Voucher Number],
VENDORID as [Vendor ID],
VNDCHKNM as [Vendor Check Name],
VOIDED as [Voided],
VOIDPDATE as [Void GL Posting Date],
WROFAMNT as [Write Off Amount]
FROM PM30200
Uses System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;

/// <summary>
/// PM Paid Transaction History File
/// Generated @ on 12/5/2016
/// </summary>

public class PM30200{
public bool ApplyWithholding{get;set;}
public string BatchNumber{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutTradeDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public string BatchSource{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutFreightAmount{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutMiscAmount{get;set;}
public decimal BackoutPurchasesAmount{get;set;}
public string CardName{get;set;}
public bool CashBasedVAT{get;set;}
public string CheckbookID{get;set;}
public int ControlType{get;set;}
public bool Correction{get;set;}
public string CurrencyID{get;set;}
public decimal CurrentTrxAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DateInvoicePaidOff{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountAmountAvailable{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountAvailableTaken{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DiscountDate{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountTakenAmount{get;set;}
public decimal DocumentAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DocumentDate{get;set;}
public string DocumentNumber{get;set;}
public bool DocPrinted{get;set;}
public int DocumentType{get;set;}
public decimal DiscountDollarAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime DueDate{get;set;}
public bool ECTransaction{get;set;}
public bool Electronic{get;set;}
public decimal FreightAmount{get;set;}
public string FreightScheduleID{get;set;}
public decimal GSTDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public bool Hold{get;set;}
public bool ICTRX{get;set;}
public string ModifiedUserID{get;set;}
public DateTime ModifiedDate{get;set;}
public decimal MiscChargesAmount{get;set;}
public string MiscScheduleID{get;set;}
public decimal NoteIndex{get;set;}
public string PurchaseScheduleID{get;set;}
public int PercentOfGrossAmountSubject{get;set;}
public string PurchaseOrderNumber{get;set;}
public DateTime PostedDate{get;set;}
public decimal PPSAmountDeducted{get;set;}
public int PPSTaxRate{get;set;}
public decimal PurchasesAmount{get;set;}
public DateTime PurchaseDate{get;set;}
public int PercentDiscount{get;set;}
public DateTime PostingDate{get;set;}
public string PostedUserID{get;set;}
public int PaymentEntryType{get;set;}
public string PaymentTermsID{get;set;}
public decimal RetainageAmount{get;set;}
public string ShippingMethod{get;set;}
public bool Simplified{get;set;}
public DateTime TaxDate{get;set;}
public decimal TaxAmount{get;set;}
public bool TaxInvoiceRequired{get;set;}
public string TaxScheduleID{get;set;}
public decimal 1099Amount{get;set;}
public int 1099BoxNumber{get;set;}
public int 1099Type{get;set;}
public decimal TradeDiscountAmount{get;set;}
public string TransactionDescription{get;set;}
public string TRXSource{get;set;}
public decimal TotalPayments{get;set;}
public decimal Unapplied1099Amount{get;set;}
public string VendorAddressCode-RemitTo{get;set;}
public string VoucherNumber{get;set;}
public string VendorID{get;set;}
public string VendorCheckName{get;set;}
public bool Voided{get;set;}
public DateTime VoidGLPostingDate{get;set;}
public decimal WriteOffAmount{get;set;}
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